Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hannah as a Yellow Fairy with safe headgear.

"Take a a picture of me . . . like this," says Hannah.

Hannah preparing for football practice, Luke practicing his sly wink.

First roasted marshmallows of the season with our new chiminea (mobile outdoor fireplace).

View on our way into the cabin.

Luke and Hannah enjoyed painting foil Easter eggs - a fun weekend afternoon activity.

Hannah by the Easter tree - the kids love taking the eggs off, hiding them, and then hanging them up again.

Luke on his new bike (hand-me-down from friends) - notice the flames! He especially loves being able to brake and make dark lines on the sidewalk. His red one now fits Hannah just right.

L and H in a quiet moment during "Biddy Basketball."

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Luke sampling some hot chocolate at Grampa's farm, apres-sledding.

Saturday morning dreaming - reading the seed catalog as more snow falls.

Hannah trying out her new swimsuit and Bruce's old football helmet -prepping for a cheerleader career, perhaps?

A favorite spot for Luke and Hannah - horsing around with Daddy.

Winter layers at the Upper Iowa river.

Luke was very serious about the ring toss at a preschool fundraiser.

Luke checking out a toad at the museum.

Hannah checks out the life cycle of a frog at the museum.

Otters cavorting at the museum.

Luke walking the Mississippi River at the Dubuque Museum.

Bruce and Hannah as a frilled lizard at the Dubuque River Museum.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More Late Summer Fun

Testing the loading of a video - Luke and Hannah and their friend M.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cabin and Late Summer Fun

Luke in storytelling mode while Hannah waits for her turn.

Luke's sad face when we told him it was time to leave after our cabin sleepover. Don't worry, buddy, we'll be back . . .

Hannah with her "scary face" and Mommy by the fire.

Luke and Hannah in their "band" down in the playroom (using some old light fixtures as microphones, courtesy of Grampa).

Luke and an elaborate stick contraption (dowsing rod?) at the cabin.

Hannah loves hanging out by the campfire (a safe distance away).

Hannah waking up a bit, Daddy by her side. These wicker chairs are coming in handy again - I bought them over 12 years ago at IKEA in Chicago.

Together at the cabin.

Hannah showing her "scary face" - combined with her sleeper pajamas, she cuts a terrifying figure.

Bruce and a tasty watermelon from the garden. These were the sweetest - we also had a variation on a honeydew and cantelopes, but they weren't as sweet.

Grampa shows off his turkey gear to Luke at the cabin. Gobble, gobble!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Update

Grant Wood, Toddler style. Luke is wearing his birthday "John Deere" overalls (branded that way), per his request
On the excursion boat in Duluth.

Double-decker linen closet - new beds for the kids?
"Little clouds" as Luke & Hannah call them.

Hannah eats her way through the garden like Peter Rabbit.

A cabbage leaf is a perfect sun hat.

With Mommy in the front yard.

Beautiful day on Lake Superior in Duluth - see, there are beaches in the Midwest!!

Three generations of Arendts at the cabin - Grampa, Luke and Bruce.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

May Update

During Meme and Pepe's visit we enjoyed a friend's birthday party.

Hannah ready for exploring spring mud puddles.
Luke took this picture of the ladies.
Luke and Daddy both love navy blue.
Nana and Hannah after brunch.
Me: "Hannah, what is that?"
Hannah: "A bone from a dog."
Me: "I sure hope not!"
Luke riding his Grampa's new mule.
Hannah concocting a new delicacy for dinner - frozen corn and wheat Chex (in the steamer?)
Luke and his favorite instrument.
Hannah and Luke in a silly moment with Daddy.
I happened upon this cozy bedtime scene that Hannah set up, which required 3 blankets, 2 dogs, 2 bears, and 2 baby dolls.