Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hannah as a Yellow Fairy with safe headgear.

"Take a a picture of me . . . like this," says Hannah.

Hannah preparing for football practice, Luke practicing his sly wink.

First roasted marshmallows of the season with our new chiminea (mobile outdoor fireplace).

View on our way into the cabin.

Luke and Hannah enjoyed painting foil Easter eggs - a fun weekend afternoon activity.

Hannah by the Easter tree - the kids love taking the eggs off, hiding them, and then hanging them up again.

Luke on his new bike (hand-me-down from friends) - notice the flames! He especially loves being able to brake and make dark lines on the sidewalk. His red one now fits Hannah just right.

L and H in a quiet moment during "Biddy Basketball."

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Neeks said...

Awww, your children are adorable. What a sweet little life! I live in the south, was raised in the northeast also. I miss the snow in winter!